22 year old senteced for defiling a four year old girl

By Ruth Anderah.

High Court in Kampala has convicted a 22 year old man for defiling a four year old girl.

Khalid Nakabaale has been convicted by Justice Jane FancisAbodo after observing the evidence adduced by 3 prosecution witnesses including the mother of the victim and convinced that the victim was defiled by the convict.

According to the charge sheet, Nakabaale defiled the victim on November 26th 2014 in Wakiso district in the neighbor’s unfinished house.

Evidence also indicates that Nakabaala grabbed the child to unfinished house while her mother is away and the doctor’s report shows that the victim’s private parts had numerous injuries which will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile the DPP’s state attorney SharifahNalwanga asked Justice Abodo to hand the victim a deterrent sentence to serve as a signal to the society also to deter the would be offenders from doing the same.

Nalwanga says he needs a custodial sentence, the society to be safe from such convicts who needs to keep away for the various period to calm the mother’s hearts who would stay in fear.

He has been sent back on remand until July 12th for sentencing.