19 Year Old Hacks Woman Over Diffuse Witchcraft Claims

Police at Lwebitakuli in Sembabule district are holding a 19 year old man for allegedly hacking a woman over witchcraft claims.

Jukko Eliya 19, a resident of Kenziga Village, Lwebitakuli Sub County in Sembabule district has been arrested for reportedly chopping Anette Nassali accusing her of bewitching his young brother Lawrence Mawanda.

Jukko claims that his young brother Mawanda was bewitched by Nassali running mad just like many of Nasali’s witchcraft victims which angered him attacking her inflicting cuts on her hands and shoulders.

Siraje Mugumya, Kenziga Village Chairperson, says that they have decided to mobilize locals to collect funds to acquire a traditional healer to help them fight the fetishes because police has not helped them.

Noah Sserunjongi the Southern Region Police Spokesperson, has condemned the incident saying that police has arrested Jukko to help police with investigations into the matter.