10 billion shs earmarked to rehabilitate 52 almost collapsing UPE Schools

The government has earmarked Shs10billion to rehabilitate at least 52 Universal Primary Education (UPE) Schools which are almost collapsing.

Dr Tonny Mukasa Lusambu, Ministry of Education assistant commissioner in charge of primary education, says  most of the UPE schools are at a verge of collapsing because they have never received any facelift since free education was introduced 20 years ago.

He says they have received funding that will cater for 52 schools out of over 500 UPE schools already in their databank which will benefit in the first phase.

The five year project has been given Shs10billion in this financial year and the officials are optimistic the funding will increase to benefit many schools.

There are 25,053 government-aided primary schools. The ministry will start with those schools whose head teachers submitted their applications for rehabilitation first.