Woman Asks 100 Men For Random Sex. The Results Will Shock You.

A woman took to the streets to ask 100 random men whether they would take her home and have sex with her, despite not knowing anything about them.

And you might be surprised by the results.

The bizarre social experiment was a follow-up to¬†whatever.com’s ginal video, which showed a man asking 100 women for sex – with all 100 turning him down.

This time it was the turn of Andrea Wendel – who approached 100 men by directly asking them whether they would have sex with her.

And while the majority of men refused her offer – either baffled by her forward approach or claiming they were already in a relationship, some were much more enthusiastic.

A grand total of 30 men agreed to accompany Andrea home right there and then, while the other 70 made it clear they weren’t interested.

Mirror UK