What people always thought of Bukedde TV’s Mweruka

Bukedde TV news anchor Ms Ssanyu Robinah Mweruka by now should be meditating about what her people always thought of her and she treated it normal.

Born in 1987 in Bwebajja, on Entebbe road, to Reverend Christopher Kigozi and Gertrude Nanfuka, The 27 year old agataliko nfufu anchor has been seen in a viral sex video with a yet to be identified man.

At the end of last year (November) in an interview with the Observer, Mweruka claimed that the only challenges she has in her marriage is people think she is cheating which is not true.

She also stated that their relationship is so renewed that its the best there is in the world.

“When you see my husband and I, you can think we are newly-dating. When we meet in public, say a salon, I see women gossiping about me when he leaves, thinking I am cheating. I tell them that is Mr Mweruka and they are surprised. They can’t imagine married people acting the way we do.” She said

Now with the developments and the sex video, we do not know where to place this nice statement.