West Nile cultural leaders embark on registering virgins

Cultural leaders in West Nile have embarked on registration of virgins as one of the ways to discourage early child marriage.

According to Nebbi District culture officer, Hannington Ovona, the move is also meant to inspire the youth to stay in school.

He says the initiative is being spearheaded by Chief Ombidi II of Kaal Ker Kwonga, cultural institution.

Ovona says the exercise involves counseling sessions where they explain the dangers of involving into early sexual relationships like contraction of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections.

Before one is registered, they are subjected to a medical virginity test and in the two weeks 63 girls and 37 boys have been registered.

According to an African human social development report released recently, almost two million Ugandan minors are forced or lured into alleged marriage.

Uganda falls among the 15 worst African countries with high numbers of child brides.

Stephen Wandera