Ugandan Woman Dies In UK After a Failed Bum & Hips Enlargement Surgery

A 48 year old Ugandan Briton has succumbed to a ‘curve enhancing’ operation on her buttocks.

Jane Kiiza; mother of one who was living in North London, passed on after she underwent an increasingly popular ‘curve enhancing’ cosmetic operation known as a ‘Brazilian lift.’

  • Jane Kiiza died after having a ‘curve enhancing’ operation on her buttocks 
  • The Brazilian lift is in demand as women try to emulate celebrities’ figures 
  • Ms Kiiza, 48, is believed to be the first British casualty from the procedure
  • Cascade of infection tore through her body, killing her days after surgery 

Ms Kiiza, from North London, underwent the operation at the BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow on Friday, June 19. She reportedly spent the night at the clinic, and was discharged the next morning and driven home by a friend who claims she stayed with her all afternoon ‘because she was in pain’ despite medication. Another friend said Ms Kiiza texted him saying she was in pain. On the Sunday she told another friend by text that she had had a ‘very rough night’.

According to her friends the following Monday she returned to the hospital. A text to a friend said this was for ‘pain management’. She was then taken by ambulance to nearby Northwick Park Hospital.
The pathologist’s report details her rapid decline: on arrival, she was found to have low blood pressure and ‘tenderness to her buttock’. She was given antibiotics but then ‘went into septic shock’. Sepsis, if not quickly controlled, causes a drastic drop in blood pressure, starving the vital organs of oxygen.
Ms Kiiza was rushed into an operating theatre for ‘debridement of necrotic fat’. Necrosis is the medical term for irreversible tissue death resulting from loss of blood supply.
This condition can quickly trigger more severe complications including blood poisoning, so the dead tissue must be cut away, or debrided.

The pathologists’s notes continue: ‘… the plan was to return the patient to theatre for another debridement.’ However, Ms Kiiza’s condition continued to deteriorate. Her kidneys failed and despite emergency dialysis, she could not be saved. A post mortem gave the cause of death as multiple organ failure and sepsis.

A friend of Ms Kiiza, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘She was a healthy woman. There was nothing wrong with her. It is unbelievable.’

Daily Mail UK