Savoring sweet classical music

By KFM Reporter

Classical music is not played on your favourite radio station and has been defined as the music for the affluent and those who understand it. Well, on Thursday I got to attend a classical music concert, as the Kampala Symphony Orchestra played live at the Paradise Terrace, Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

It was my first and I dare say I loved it, more precisely due to the passion with which the artistes played their instruments. You can appreciate the emotional attachment the orchestra puts in, at some point closing their eyes as they strive to achieve technical perfection on their instruments.

The harmony is so organised and piercing, you’ll want to listen on and on and if you’re already tired, it will lull you to sleep. The orchestra conductor for this second edition was Fred Kiggundu Musoke.

As group manager, Maloe Klaassen, explained after the two-hour classical digestion, the show is on every month every month at Sheraton, and it is a meeting of talents where professional and amateur musicians and instrumentalists play.

Four pieces were performed, including Dance Of The Tumblers originally done by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov from the collection The snow Maiden in 1881, Peer Gynt of 1875 by Edvard Greig, which had classicals like Morning Mood, Anistra’s Dance and In the Hall Of The Mountain King, Rozamunde of 1823 by Franz Shubert and a symphony codenamed Pastoral of 1808 by legendary Ludvig Vov Beethoven.