Pallaso apologizes to Weasel, they make up

After releasing his latest, Very Sorry LP last Thursday, singer Pallaso seems like he wants to live up to his album-track’s literal meaning.

During his performance at Laftaz Lounge last week, Pallaso apologised to his fans that he had hurt through his fights and he also took time off and apologised to his elder brother Weasel, who was in attendance.

Going by the English idiom “Blood is thicker than water,” Pallaso said that nothing will ever get him against his own family. And to walk his talk, after his performance, Pallaso walked to where Weasel was seated and despite a little hesitation, Weasel stood and hugged Pallaso while the two whispered to each other.

Pallaso later took off to his official Facebook page and posted a very touching status:

My kids think im superman..Mama Dinari thinks im perfect…Ugandans have finally believed im a great artist and I make good music…My dad thinks im a shepard and here I am still fighting my own kind !!! Radio and Weasel always have been my brothers …they still are and always will be….I have missed all of them so much in the process of mentally and physically draining my self with beef and so have they…From the bottomest part of my heart …For the love I have for all brothers and my entire famiy…my fans and every body that believes in me… I am not letting us down no more… I love Radio & Weasel…I am a huge fan and last night marked the begging of relief when Pallaso and Weasel talked and had a few moments together for the very first time in a long time … Our future is more demanding than what we have already been through and atleast that eliminates some of the questions Dinari..Maisha..and Nevaeh will have to ask me later after all the fame is gone …I love my brothers..I love my family..I live music but no love could amount to the love i got for my family…Happy 2015 !!!.