Jackie Chandiru and Navio get unplugged

The average reveller at the monthly unplugged sessions at Club Silk will not care much about the guy plucking the guitar, playing the piano or drums, but Myko Ouma made his presence felt during Jackie and Navio’s show on Thursday.

He pierced the air with good music as he emotionally plucked his guitar, getting the attention of the otherwise dismissive crowd during the intermission as main acts Navio and Jackie took a breather.

To christen Ouma the Ugandan Carlos Santana only tries to show how good this guitarist is, for Santana is internationally acclaimed, having pioneered rock, salsa and jazz fusions.

Well, Ouma was playing as part of the band that backed the main acts, giving a richer representation with Allan Okia, who is also a fellow band member of Ouma in Soul Beat Africa on bass guitar.

Jackie Chandiru can be rightly be described to be a promising and hardworking artiste who is serious about her solo career, since she took musical sabbatical from Blu3. She came with energy, maintained a good crowd connection, interjecting her performances with free styling sessions, during which she called on fans to join her as she sang songs like Sanyu Lyange, which she did in her younger musical years with Blu3.

Her power was more evident when she came on to do her biggest song, Agassi to which she put a lot of emotional attachment. Never mind that Agassi loosely means I don’t want. As she performed it, both in an acappella and live performance, she sent fans in an uplifting sadness to a danceable song.

Navio could have done better on CD as he was occasionally struggling trying to keep his voice even as he performed on live band. And then, the towering hip hop artiste said he was uncomfortable with the Silk ceiling, which was too close, as he couldn’t jump and perform with ease.

When Jackie sampled lines from Going On, Jose Chameleone joined the duo on stage, fans showed love, singing along and other clapping and cheering on.

SOURCE: monitor.co.ug