First of its Kind: Woman swallows condom during oral sex.

In what is believed to be the first case of its kind, doctors pulled a condom from a woman’s appendix.

The 26-year-old came to doctors with stomach pain on the right side of her pelvis, leaving her unable to eat and feeling nauseous, MailOnline reports.

Following scans at a hospital in Cameroon, the woman was diagnosed with appendicitis and rushed to emergency surgery.

But as they cut into the appendix they discovered the organ had a piece of rubbery material stuck inside it.

Once removed they realised the object was ‘consistent with a condom’.

Detailed in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, the woman later confirmed she had swallowed the condom accidentally during oral sex with her boyfriend.

Swallowed condom

Medics explained that the condom was most likely torn into bits as it travelled through her gastrointestinal tract, with a fragment of it becoming stuck in her appendix.

he Indian-born woman had not sought help after finding fragments of the condom in her stool five days later.

In previous cases doctors have also found items like bullets, fishing lines, screws and teeth caught in the appendix. They can sometimes stay there for years.

Once lodged, the digestive tract is not strong enough to force it back into the intestine and sometimes needs to be surgically removed.

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