Casual friday for men

Casual Friday is a welcome break from the constricting formal dress code, and the choking tie. However, the more commonplace it becomes, the more it seems like it is the day men throw away any fashion sense they may have acquired over the years of formal dressing.

Enter many offices and you will know for sure there’s something too casual even for men whose wardrobe mainly consists of T-Shirts and a pair of jeans or khakis. While it is a day where pretty much everything goes, it is important that one knows where to draw the line, between casual and just plain shabby.

Avoid anything faded, torn or patched
Because as much as we all think recycling is good for the planet, we know that certain clothes should not see the light of day. Do not make casual Friday the day you dig up and parade all old and faded clothes. Even if you absolutely love that shirt or T-Shirt, you should not wear it if it is worn out.

Flying shirt syndrome
Not a real name for anything, but this trend is so common someone might as well give it one and put it in the dictionary. The style of wearing a dress shirt, several sizes too large over trousers and trying to pass it off as casual wear. If you sport this look, and people confuse you with the boda boda man who hangs around your office do not blame them. It is even worse if the said shirt is put over dress pants. Try a button down shirt; they are made for the whole shirt over trousers look.

Make up your mind already
Wearing dress pants and a t-shirt on Friday is not the height of style; it is the height of confusion. It just makes you look undecided. Even if many men fall victim, this is the one instance where numbers are not a show of strength, if anything it just shows weak style.

Get the right fit
Getting the size wrong will make even the best clothes look frumpy if they are big, or make you look like a clown if they are too small. You can either have a few inches take off very long trousers, but sometimes there’s nothing that can be done for oversize shirts or too small clothes. Casual does not mean oversize, so get clothes that fit.

Mind the shoes
It is good that there more than one to choose from. Mocassins, sports shoes, open sandal, but this also means there is no excuse for getting the shoes wrong. Mocassins,are semi casual, or what they call smart casual while sandals are the epitome of casual. Sports shoes go somewhere in between, so choose depending on the look you are going for.
Dress shoes never sign off a casual outfit well, so avoid them.