Brazil elects the best bum in the country

More than 500 women are competing in the Miss Bum-Bum pageant, which aims to seek out the best behind in Brazil

Women from Brazil flocked to Sao Paulo to take part in an annual pageant which judges them on their behinds.

Contestants in the fifth-annual Miss Bum-Bum pageant stopped traffic as they posed in green and yellow Brazil bikinis in the middle of Sao Paulo’s main avenue, Avenida Paulista.

They also paraded through the busy Conceicao metro station.

More than 500 women are competing in the pageant and 27 will be chosen to represent each of the Brazilian states, with 15 then put before the public vote in November.

Cacau Oliver, the organiser of the contest said: “The Miss Bum-Bum competition is to elect Brazil’s most beautiful bum. It started five years ago here in Brazil, and now we are opening up the phase of public voting”

“Of the 27 who are here, only 15 will go through to the finals in Sao Paulo.”


Deborah Dunhill, who is representing the state of Tocantins, in Central Brazil, says: “It is an honour to compete in Miss Bum-Bum, I never participated before, I always dreamed of taking part.”

Although the contestants are excited to take part, runner up in the pageant last year, Andressa Urach, nearly died after procedures to enhance her rear began to rot.

This year contestants had to prove that they had not undergone surgery nor used chemical products.

Bottoms are a thing of national pride in Brazil, where some Carnival beauties have been reported to get their behinds covered by insurance companies.