KFM Promotions

Mystery Sound: This is a big money game. A secret sound is played for listeners to identify and win free cash! So if you know you are good at predicting sounds then here is the opportunity for you to win cash every morning.

Brain busters. The biggest brain challenge on KFM where listeners are asked one question; the subjects are unique and answers not easy to Google and if they get the correct answer they win the jackpot.

Sing for Cash:
You feel you can sing? Then this is you. Discover your singing talent and win free cash. Sing for Cash is a money spinning game whereby listeners call in to sing their favorite song or a popular song as selected by the presenter. And if your singing impresses the judge, you win loads of free cash instantly. Sing for Cash airs twice a day between 1-2 pm and 3-4pm Monday to Friday.

Lunch with a Celebrity:
Lunch with a celebrity is an interactive program which features and profiles a celebrity selected for the month. On this segment, we give our listeners a chance to interact with their favourite celebrities as the celebrities share their secrets to success and their private lives live on air. The lucky ones win themselves a ticket to dine with their favorite celebrity at an exclusive all expenses paid celebrity lunch at Serena Hotel.  Lunch with a celebrity airs everyday on D’Mighty Breakfast between 9-10am Monday to Friday.

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Programs Controller
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Email: kfm@kfm.co.ug

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