USAID Commits $1 Million in Assistance for DR Congo Ebola Response Plan

By Shamim Nateebwa.

The U.S. Agency for International Development has committed $1 million in Assistance for the Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola Response Plan

In a statement, the agency says these funds, which reflect the U.S. Government’s initial financial response, will go to the World Health Organization in support of the joint Government of the DRC and WHO Strategic Response Plan, which will provide technical, operational, and personnel support in response to the Ebola outbreak.

The Strategic Plan focuses on prevention, detection, treatment, and response in order to reduce cases and deaths, and prevent the spread of the disease within the DRC and to other countries.

In addition, USAID is coordinating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the WHO, and partners on the ground on response efforts, and contributing to situational reports, and field activities.

USAID is currently providing approximately 2,000 personal protective equipment kits, laboratory materials to confirm diagnostic testing, and technical expertise, while leveraging assistance from the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network on the ground.