Uganda to eliminate river blindness by 2020

By Shamim Natebwa.

The Ministry of Health in partnership with the boarder countries and non-governmental organizations have launched a robust and integrated multi-year national plan to control and eliminate river blindness in the country by 2020.

According to the health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, poverty is among the leading causes of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDS) like River blindness and other degenerating diseases like Trachoma, Buruli ulcers.

Aceng made the remarks while officiating at the 12th session of Uganda River Blindness elimination expert advisory committee which is discussing the progress made in eradicating the disease in Uganda and other African countries.

River blindness is a tropical disease that has historically affected millions of people in 35 countries in Africa  and in  Uganda it is common in Northern Uganda , Kitgum ,Lamwo,Mwoya, Kasese among others.