Spraying DDT to fight malaria could worsen the cancer burden

Government has been asked to stop the use of DDT in the fight against Malaria because it may worsen the country’s cancer burden.
According to a survey conducted by the Uganda Network on Toxic Malaria Control, DDT contains several chemicals that are harmful to human health.
Speaking ahead of the World Malaria Day slated for tomorrow, the organization’s Secretary General Ellady Muyambi says although DDT reduces malaria deaths by upto 42 percent, it has been found to affect the people where it is sprayed especially in Northern Uganda.
Muyambi says that their survey reveals that some of the chemicals contained in DDT, once inhaled may lead to different cancers in the long term.
The group now recommends that government sticks to the less harmful and cheap malaria control methods like use of insecticide treated mosquito nets.

Story by Dianah Wanyana