People Living with HIV/Aids abandon drugs over lack of food


Atleast 1400 people living with HIV/Aids, who were on life-prolonging Antiviral treatment at various health centers in Mbale District have reportedly abandoned taking the drugs due to lack of food.

The District Health Officer, Dr. Jonathan Wangisi says their findings from health facilities in the district indicate that the most of the patients have disappeared due to poverty and stigma.

Dr.Wangisi however says the district health team will use the existing village structures to trace for them and bring them back to continue with their treatment.

He adds that skipping or abandoning treatment affects the reduction of the viral load and protection of the immune system.

Innocent Khaukha, the Data Clark at Bufumbo Health Centre IV, says at least 400 clients have either transferred themselves without permission or simply disappeared.

Emmanuel Ainebyona, the senior public relations officer in the Ministry of Health, says the current HIV prevalence in the country of 6 per cent is still worrying and must be reduced further.

New infections stand at 53,000 while deaths stand at 23,000.