New Twaweza report shows that access to clean and safe water is worsening

By Catherine Ageno

A new report by Twaweza has shown that more Ugandans lack access to clean and safe water.

Releasing key findings of the research carried out between January and February this year titled “Ugandans experiences and opinions on affordable access to clean and safe water”, the lead researcher Marie Nanyanzi said 40% of the poor and rural people still find it hard to access safe water compared to the urban rich.

She attributes the situation mainly to the shortage of water points and the long distance to the available ones.

Nanyanzi meanwhile says 74% of the households in the country were found to be getting drinking water from an improved source with access to piped water standing at only 15% in rural areas and 46% in urban areas.

She adds that the trend of people using rain as their main source of drinking water has tremendously gone down.

These study findings however contradict the latest Uganda Bureau of statistics statistics which indicated that access to water is improving in the country especially in rural areas.