NEMA continues with crackdown on use of banned kaveera

The National Environment Management Authority continues with its crack down on use and sale of the banned polythene bags that are below 30 microns.
The ban announced by the finance minister in 2010 was only enforced by NEMA last week targeting supermarkets in and around Kampala.
NEMA Executive Director Tom Okurut says the polythene bags commonly known as Kaveera has done more harm than good to the country’s environment and the decision on enforcement cannot be reversed now.
In a related development, the ban on polythene bags will help reduce alcohol consumption among young people.
This is according to Rogers Kasirye, the Executive Director of the Uganda Youth Development Link.
According to findings from a research conducted by the group last year, 37% of the youth in Kampala’s slums consume alcohol with 69% starting at the age of 14.
Releasing the report this morning, Kasirye said the recent enforcement of the ban on polythene bags will greatly reduce the sale of small volumes of alcohol that’s easily accessed by young people.