Museveni’s Promise On Referral Hospitals Shot Down

A senior medical officer has shot down President Museveni’s promise to revamp referral hospitals across the country.
Dr Asa Ahimbisibwe, former medical officer at Bushenyi hospital and Sheema has described it as lazy political talk that will further debilitate the health service delivery in the country.
While addressing the people of Manafwa district last week President Museveni said his government would build and equip referral hospitals in all districts in the country if he is re-elected.
However, Dr. Ahimbisibwe, says he is not excited by the president’s promise because fragmentation of districts that has seen the number grow from 36 to 114 with promises of more will only result in very poor health service delivery to majority of Ugandans especially in rural areas.
Earlier, the FDC president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu also said creation of the new districts and the talk of creating more referral hospitals are simply meant to help President Museveni gain political capital at the expense of the health of helpless Ugandans .

Story By David Mafabi