Mulago patients moved as renovation begins

Mulago hospital
Mulago hospital

Work has been disrupted at Mulago hospital as renovation works kicks off.

The hospital authorities have this morning began moving patients from the block A to blocks B and C.

The affected patients are those in 1A, 2 A, 3 A, 4A, 5 A and 6A.

The casualty ward has also been eliminated with critically patients now being received at ward 2B.

In the process, many patients and care takers have been left stranded.

The hospital spokesman, Enock Kusaasira says the disruption is unavoidable since the renovation has to go on.

“This will not last long so the public must be patient because the hospital cannot close”, Kusaasira adds.

He says the hospital is to be fitted with specialized health equipment in the health care unit, high tech mammography machines and MRI scans among other diagnostic equipment.

The project that is partly funded by the World Bank will cost $73m from the African Development Bank and the Nigerian Trust Fund.