Moroto hospital stuck with Shs 800m meant for staff quarters

By Steven Ariong

Authorities at Moroto regional referral hospital are making a hasty move to utilize shs 800 million meant for the construction of additional staff houses before the end of this financial year.

According to Geoffrey Mawa the Principal hospital Administrator they received the money in September last year to facilitate the construction of staff quarters but there were challenges arising from delays in decision making.

Mawa blames the delay on the previous management team that was characterized by in fights.

He now says the current hospital management is struggling to ensure that the money is fully absorbed.

Although government injected about shs 25billion into renovation of Moroto regional referral hospital, it is still battling with numerous challenges including lack of scanner, surgeons and staff houses.
The regional referral hospital is also without a general surgeon
following the interdiction of the only surgeon Dr.Filbert Nyeko over allegations of financial mismanagement.

This hospital serves hundreds of patients in Karamoja, Teso, Sebei and part of Kenya.