More typhoid cases expected with the coming of rains

Kampala Capital City Council(KCCA) health officials have warned that cases of typhoid are likely to double with the onset of the rains.
According to the KCCA Director for Public health Dr. David Sseruka, the high rate at which the disease  spreads can be curbed if city dwellers avoid use of contaminated water.
Springs remain the major source of water for domestic use in Kampala’s suburbs.
Dr. Sseruka says that with the presence of poorly designed pit latrines, poor solid waste management as well as inadequate spring protection, contamination of spring water during this rainy season may escalate.
He says currently 6,000 people have contracted the disease but only 45 % have been treated in all the three active health centres of Kisenyi, Kisugu and Kiswa.

Story by Shamim Nateebwa