Heart Institute warns against mergers

By Shamim Natebwa.

Uganda Heart Institute has warned against the proposed move by Government to merge a number of health agencies into one monogamous institution saying the move is likely to affect the health sector, especially human resource with specialists likely to be sent packing for greener pastures.

Speaking to Doctor John Omangino the Executive Director of the Institute, notes that Uganda Heart Institute as an autonomous institution that requires super specialized health workers who have put in much time to attain these qualifications required noting that by merging this institution back to Mulago hospital is undermining the specialists.

Doctor Omangino hasĀ  also pleaded with the Committee to have the Shs 259Bn requested by the Ministry of Health to construct a new home for the Institute saying the Institute is faced with lack of space to conduct heart operations from and the available space is being rented from the Uganda Cancer Institute, yet in Mulago Hospital has already issued notice to evacuate the Institute.