Health workers on strike

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has promised to pay all health its workers by close of business today.

This is after medical workers this morning carried out coordinated strikes across all health facilities under KCCA. The strike has spread like wild fire affecting Kawaala, Kisenyi and Kiswa health centers.

The workers say they have not been paid for three months and no explanation has been given for the delay.

At all the health facilities no patient is being attended to with the most affected ones being expectant mothers who had gone for antenatal care as well as children.

Meanwhile, at Kisenyi, the health center has now been closed and patients have been thrown out as a crisis meeting gets underway.

The health workers here say they are being tossed around by KCCA and the ministry of health regarding their pay.

However, KCCA spokesperson Peter Kauju says they are addressing the health workers’ concerns and hope to have them paid by close of business today.