Government Considers Using Old Bunker For New Machine

Government is exploring the possibility of housing the new radiotherapy machine in the existing bunker to quickly restore the modality of treatment to the patients in need.

The cobalt 60 radiotherapy machine, installed at Mulago hospital in 1995, broke down beyond repair last month.

Its replacement is not due for at least one year due to the absence of a bunker to house a new one.

However, in an interview with the Daily Monitor Health Minister Dr. EliodaTumwesigye said they were trying to get  a technical assessment of whether the existing bunker can be able to house the new machine in the coming weeks.

He adds that the assessment report will be discussed at a meeting to be held later this week.

However, according to the director of the Uganda Cancer Institute, Dr. Jaskson Orem the existing bunker is not safe to house the new cancer machine.

Uganda would also be going against recommendations by the International Atomic Energy Agency against using the old bunker.

Radiotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses beams of intense energy to kill cancer cells, delays in replacing the machine have left about 2000 cancer patients with unbearable pain.

Story By Emanuel Ainebyona