GAVI Funds Under Utilized In Kasese District

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) says it is disappointed with the poor utilization of its funds allocated to Kasese district.
The body says the funds are sitting idle in the district bank accounts yet people continue to contract and die of HIV, malaria and Tuberculosis.
A recent survey conducted in the district under the Country Coordination Mechanism -a global Fund monitoring body reveals that HIV prevalence is still high on all landing sites at 40% against the national average of 7.3%.
The survey has also shown that most health center II’s are not accredited to offer HIV, malaria and TB treatment yet they are closer to communities.
Prof Vinand Natulya the chairman of the Country Coordination Mechanism who is also a board member of the Global fund says in addition, the low uptake of family planning services is making many people to have children they cannot adequately look after.
The district authorities have been asked to utilize the funds allocated and save lives.

Story By Dianah Wanyana