Conjoined twins fight for life

The new set of conjoined twins admitted at Mulago hospital is still fighting for their lives with respiratory problems.

The twins who were born at Buhinda Hospital in Fortportal district on 5th of October were admitted at Mulago Hospital last week.

The twins both boys are sons of Olivia Kaminde and Robert Kyaligonza.

The doctors at Mulago hospital say the twins on admission had a lot of fever and respiratory problems.

Dr. Jamil Mugalu a senior pediatrician at Mulago hospital says the babies are not in a good condition but everything possible is being done to save them.

Dr. Mugalu notes that they have started conducting tests to establish the exact body organs the babies share.

Speaking to KFM, the twin’s parents say they are in urgent need of financial support to enable them save their children.

A city businessman Haji Muhammad Sebuffu has donated Shs 1 million to the twins.