All government health facilities should remain open 24\7 – PS MOH

By Shamim Natebwa.

The government through ministry of health says that all government health facilities have to remain operational 24\7 to giveĀ  a chance to all Ugandans have access to health services as preserved in the Bill of rights .

According to the permanent secretary ministry of health Doctor Dianna Atwiine, there yet to start operations to have all supervisors of the public health facilities that close at night and weekend held accountable, thus asking Ugandans to report such cases.

The move comes at time when very many Ugandans find it difficult to access treatment on weekend and night after very many health facilities tend to close at night and weekend.

Meanwhile doctor Atwiine notes that the National health guidelines scheme is in its significant progress, which will effectively subsidies a large part of healthcare in the country in an effort to make it more accessible.