Malaika signs out of KFM

By Joan Salmon.

Malaika Nnyanzi, a co-presenter of the D’Mighty Breakfast show on KFM is presenting for the last time today. Malaika has been with KFM for two years, since 2017 and has co-presented with Brian Mulondo.
Reminiscing about starting the show, Malaika says when she met Mulondo she felt he was “so serious and professional.

On the other hand, he also saw me as a proud person. But in that meeting, he cracked my ribs and it was amazing. I was certain, we were on the show and it has been utter bliss.”
Although the two presenters have hosted many celebrities on the SuperStar Friday edition on Fridays, Malaika says the interview with Bobi Wine was one of her most memorable ones. “He had just won the parliamentary elections yet still agreed to come to the show, that was awesome.

He was articulate yet fun as he danced with us without restraint. I had watched him before he came into the studio and the way he interacted with people cemented the fact that he was really a people person,” she says of the Kyadondo East MP. The interview with Irene Ntale Unchained was another unforgettable one. “It was so interesting as she was relatable and not scared of opening up about who she was and her experiences.”

As she leaves the show, Malaika says she has learnt each issue has a time and place. “Many things have happened before or while on air but I have still smiled through the show. That has also taught me to compartmentalise so that I never bring personal issues on air.”
Her view of people has also changed “Everyone has their journey so I have learned to respect them.” She has also learned how tough she can be, “There have been times on the job that have brought out a tough side of me I did not think existed. I have come to appreciate myself more knowing that if all I can change is one person, it is good enough.” She is also appreciative of all the callers who took the time and used their airtime to call in and give their views.

As she winds up her time at the radio station, one of her biggest lessons has been to value friendship. She has also learned to work for her. “When you don’t work to please someone, then you work because it is beautiful. Even when no one appreciates you or when one tries to pull you down, you move on and are certain that instead of you, they, will fall.”
The KFM crew wishes her all the best wherever she goes.