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Skipping breakfast increases chances of weight gain

If you are looking to reduce weight do not even think of skipping meals. Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight but in reality, the practice is more likely to cause weight gain than loss. Dr. Charles Kakoza, a general practitioner at Mulago Hospital says skipping meals especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult. Dr. Kakooza says breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger. He says a well-balanced breakfast helps raise blood sugars which always tend to go down when one is sleeping.

Suicide cases on the rise in Kitgum

Local authorities in Kitgum district are concerned about the growing cases of suicide. There are reports that in the last two weeks alone six people have committed suicide in the sub county of Layamo. This is in addition to several cases reported in the past two months. However, the district LCV chairperson Luka Nyeko tells KFM, that cases are sporadic and have been reported in other sub counties as well. He has attributed the cases to trauma which has led to increased drug and alcohol abuse among the locals. He says they are yet to come up with a comprehensive report with the figures of suicide cases recorded over the past few months. The district has now embarked on a …

The election of Sejusa’s replacement is challenged in court

The recent election of a new army representative is being challenged in court. Three concerned citizens have petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking an order stopping Col. Innocent Oula from being sworn in as MP on grounds that his election was marred by irregularities. The trio led by Bukenya Church Ambrose has also sued the Attorney General, Electoral Commission for allegedly illegally declaring Gen. David Tinyefuza’s sit vacant yet parliament is not competent to determine whether an MP’s sit has fallen vacant. They are also asking court not to allow the same action against Bubulo West MP Tonny Kipoi Nsubuga. They argue that the power to declare a parliamentary sit vacant is only vested in the High Court.

MUK students demonstrate over missing names

Student protests

A group of Makerere University students has this morning stormed the senate building demanding that their names be included on the graduation list. The group of over 30 students was led by the guild president Anne Adeke. Now the university administration has asked student leaders to compile a list of all the missing names to help rectify the problem. The university spokesperson Ritah Namisango says the list compiled by the registrar only has the names of those students who fulfilled university requirements before 15th January. She says the university will look into the student’s complaints after getting a formal list from their leaders. This comes just one week to graduation day. The 64th graduation ceremony is slated for January 28th …

Lukwago, Besigye case for interpretation

  Opposition leaders Dr. Kiiza Besigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago can now breathe with a sigh of relief. This is after Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Julius Borore pushed the charges confirmed against the duo yesterday to the Constitutional Court for interpretation. Yesterday the same magistrate upheld charges of unlawful society against Besigye and Lukwago saying the defense team had failed to prove that the charges were a nullity. However, Borore today pushed the case to the constitutional court after defense lawyers led by Krizestom Katumba raised constitutional questions. They argued that police had abused the constitution and detained their clients for over 48 hours in different cells, an act that is illegal.