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US vows to continue pursuing Kony in CAR

The days of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels in Central African Republic are numbered. The U.S government says its pursuit of the LRA in Central African Republic will continue. Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs Linda Thomas Greenfield says with the instability in CAR, more logistical and technical support is crucial to fight any insurgents benefiting from the war. Greenfield maintains that the 5 million dollar reward for the capture of Kony still stands. Yesterday, the 2013 LRA Crisis Tracker report by Invisible Children’s 2013 LRA Crisis Tracker indicated that the LRA has increased attacks in CAR due to the current strife. Meanwhile, Uganda and Nigeria have been asked to repeal their laws on anti-homosexuality. The United States …

DP to crack the whip on errant members

DP president Norbert Mao

The opposition Democratic Party has threatened to crack the whip on members who promote divisions. Addressing a news conference this morning, the party president Nobert Mao also warned against tribal sentiments, saying party leadership based on competence and not ethnic background. Mao has also criticized self- seeking leaders saying leadership is not about popularity but having a clear direction. He says as part of celebrations to mark 60 years of its existence, the party is to embark on a nationwide tour to sensitize the public on the importance of peaceful transfer of power.

NMS finally delivers cancer drugs

The National Medical Stores has finally responded to the cries of cancer patients. This comes a day after the Uganda Cancer Institute made stunning revelations that up to five people die every day due to lack of cancer drugs. KFM visited the facility this morning and many patients were found sitting outside waiting for treatment in vain. We also spoke to one of the patients; an 80 year old woman who had been at the institute for two months waiting getting help. Safina Nakanwagi, a resident of Kakira in Jinja town said she had even run out food and is living on handouts from well-wishers. According to the director of the institute Dr. Jackson Orem, all patients were required to …

MPs want more from Ethics directorate

Members of Parliament on the Public Accounts Committee are concerned that the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity is not serving the purpose for which it was established. Members of the committee contend that while it is meant to strengthen the fight against corruption, this has not been done effectively. Committee chairperson Kassiano Wadri says the MPs are also concerned about the fact that the directorate’s accountability committee is currently under the finance ministry and are demanding that it is returned to the directorate as. The directorate has often cited under staffing as one of the challenges affecting service delivery.

NRM caucus warns members with presidential ambitions

The NRM caucus meeting in Kyankwanzi has warned senior party members with presidential ambitions against undermining party cohesion. This comes after the caucus endorsed President Yoweri Museveni as the party flag bearer for the 2016 elections. In a statement issued this evening, the caucus spokesperson Evelyn Anite says all other senior party leaders with presidential ambitions have been ordered to shelve them and collectively concentrate on supporting president Museveni. She said looking for another flag bearer would cause disunity and breed divisions within the party. Meanwhile President Yoweri Museveni has today launched, Portrait of a Presidential Election, a book album compiled specifically for show casing the 2011 presidential campaign trail around the country. The book will cost Shs 100,000 per …