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Govt fails to fill 157,200 job positions

By Moses Kyeyune. Government has failed to hire employees to fill up to 157, 229 vacancies, leaving speculation on its commitment on job creation and improving employ-ability for the citizenry. According to the 2018 report of the auditor general, out of the total Government staff establishment of 469,216 positions, only 311,987 positions were occupied across ministries, departments and agencies. The auditor general John Muwanga noted that inadequate staffing affects the timely implementation of entity activities and may adversely impact on the sectors in the achievement of their strategic objectives, in addition to hindering service delivery. The major staffing shortfalls were registered in districts, Public Universities and Directorate of Public Prosecutions with staffing levels of only 30, 40 and 41 percent …

Gov’t entities on spot over non tax disclosure

By Moses Kyeyune. A number of government ministries, departments and agencies are on spot for having failed to comply with tax measures. A sample of only seven government institutions queried by the Office of the auditor general in the year ending December 2018 revealed that a 27.4 billion shillings loss had been incurred due to none adherence. Out of the money, 24.7 billion was non remitted taxes while 2.8 billion was un-deducted tax. The auditor general, John Muwanga notes in his report for 2017-2018 that failure to deduct and remit taxes directly impacts on collections by the Uganda Revenue Authority and that tax compliance by government entities should not be left optional.

AG faults Ministry of Water, Education on wasteful expenditure

By Moses Kyeyune. The ministry of Education and Sports and its counterpart of Water and Environment have been faulted for causing a financial loss amounting to 1.6 billion shillings on wasteful expenditure. The figures contained in the Auditor General’s report for the year 2018 resulted from interest on late payments of Value Added Tax and breach of contracts. The ministry of water was responsible for spending 803 million on interest while the ministry of education spent 799 million on delayed payments and litigation costs for wrongful termination of contracts. The auditor general John Muwanga, whose findings are due for further probing by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament says that the wasteful expenditure affected the implementation of activities in the …

Opposition Mp’s rejects NRM proposal to line up in party elections

By Moses Ndhaye. Nakaseke south Member of Parliament Lutamaguzi Ssemakula has asked the opposition not to allow being diverted by the NRM proposals of lining up in party elections This comes in reaction to a resolution by the NRM Central executive committee for the NRM party primaries to be conducted through lining up behind candidates. This they argued would reduce the cost of elections and eliminate voter bribery among other election malpractice. Lutamaguzi however says the opposition should instead insist on demanding for comprehensive electoral reforms. Related Stories…. NRM CEC adopts lining behind candidates during primaries

Kyabazinga Nadiope in India for cultural exchange programs

By Sam Ssebuliba. Busoga’s reigning monarch, His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope, IV is currently in India for cultural exchange programs. According to information from the King’s office, Kyabazinga will visit several States in the Asian country. Kyabazinga has been accompanied by the Deputy High Commissioner of Uganda in India, His Excellency Mohamed Baswari Kezaala among others. On his part, Amb.Kezaala revealed that the King’s visit is very timely as India is famous for their cultural endowment globally with Yoga being their most cherished treasure.