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Women disappointed with the #SOTNUG18 address

By Ritah Kemigisa. The women of Uganda are disappointed with the state of the nation address delivered President Yoweri Museveni yesterday. According to the FDC women’s league spokesperson Sarah Eperu, the president did not make a strong statement about the current spate of kidnaps and women murders. Eperu says it is disappointing that the president did not even talk about the possible solutions government is going to put in place to contain these crimes. She adds that intelligence cannot work as the president suggested if there is no security in the country.

CCEDU poke holes in M7’s #SOTNUG18 address

By Ritah Kemigisa. The Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy has poked holes in the president’s state of the nation address. According to Crispy Kaheru, the coalition’s coordinator says the president during his address avoided talking about the subject of politics and governance yet it is very important for development. Kaheru says that given the current developments in neighboring Kenya where political harmony seems to be paving way for bigger strides of economic development, it was a serious exclusion on the side of Museveni not to talk about the state of politics. He adds that the president’s attribution to the ADF is problematic considering the fact that the due process including investigations, trials around the recent security incidents are not yet …

Museveni warns on technology

By Moses Kyeyune. President Yoweri Museveni has waned public opinion leaders against breeding obstacles for development. The President, while giving the State of the Nation Address has said that many political and traditional leaders have exploited the ignorance of the population and manipulated them to resist the country’s development agenda.This he has said is criminal. There has been a public outcry against the legalisation of genetically modified organisms, with critics dismissing it as a threat to organic food production. The Bill that had been passed by Parliament last year, was rejected by President Museveni who advised the House to revise it.

#SOTNUG18 Museveni – Economy is promising

By Moses Kyeyune. Uganda’s economy is on the road to stability, President Museveni during the state of the nation address says that compared to last year; the economy is now regaining ground and will soon hit 7.7 percent on the country’s GDP. The president has attributed this to a number of factors including the change in climate which have influenced cash flows in the country.

Two youth activists who dropped Coffin at Parliament remanded for Inciting Violence

By Ruth Anderah. Two youth activists allegedly arrested on Monday while dropping a Coffin at Parliament have been charged and remanded to Luzira Prison on charges of Inciting Violence. The two suspects were part of a group protestingthe rampant cases of kidnaps and killings that target women in Uganda. They are; Luta Ferdinand a Boda-boda rider who hails from Bundibugyo District and Achom Rebecca a Language Interpreter residing at Mbuya zone in Nakawa Division-Kampala District. They have appeared before Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Robert Mukanza and denied the charges. Prosecution led by Janet Kitimbo informed court that investigations into the matter are still going on and that adequate time should be afforded to police to conclude its inquiries. It …