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People power cannot be stopped- Bobi Wine 

By Ritah Kemigisa. The Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi known to many as Bobi Wine has today come out to explain the real meaning of people power which he says has been misunderstood by many people and government. Addressing journalists at his home at Magere, Kyagulanyi said People power is just an ideology and not a political party. He says this ideology brings together all Ugandans irrespective of their political party, the professions they practice, the unemployed and employed coming together to stand for what is right and fight for their liberty. He adds that the ideology stems from article one of the constitution which states that power belongs to the people. He has meanwhile warned government to stop stifling …

Bobi Wine scoffs at M7 for giving money to the ghetto youth

By Ritah Kemigisa. The Kyadondo east Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi known by many as Bobi Wine has lashed out at PresidentYoweri Museveni for distributing millions of money to the ghetto youth. According to Kyagulanyi, the youth who stay in slums or the ghetto have a lot of problems that cannot be solved by money. Kyagulanyi says giving the ghetto youth money shows that the regime has nothing else to tell people but rather buy them something which he says cannot change their minds. Kyagulanyi adds that the youth have suffered for long and all they need now is proper functioning institutions and long lasting solutions. He meanwhile adds that much as the youth and the family of Yasin Kawuma who were …

State house gives out 100M to Kamwokya youth

BY KELVIN ATUHAIRE. President Museveni yesterday gave out shs 100 million to the ghetto youth of Kamwokya to help boost their businesses that they operate. Government Deputy Spokesperson Col Shaban Bantariza who represented the president at Passover harvest church where the youth were being handed over the money, tasked the different youth that received money to utilize it well if they want to get more money in future from the president. “The president has given you this money, but I urge you to use it well, because now you have been given 100M but if you use it well, in future you will get more than that.” Col. Bantariza said. He added that this money given out to the youth …

I no longer feel safe in my country – Bobi Wine

By Ritah Kemigisa. The Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine has said that his life is under threat and he longer feels safe in his own country. Addressing journalists at his home in Magere, Kyagulanyi said he believes the bullets that killed his driver Yasin Kawumain Aruawere meant for him since the deceased was seated in the exact position he always sat in. He has asked security agencies to stop playing politics and instead protect Ugandans since many citizens especially leaders do not feel safe enough.  Kyagulanyi’s revelation comes amid reports of death threats reported by several legislators, the latest being the former Leader Of Opposition in parliament Winnie Kiiza.

Water ministry to study cost of water

By Ritah Kemigisa. Water and Environment minister Sam Cheptor is says they are yet to explore the possibility of reducing the cost of water in the country. According to government a 20 liter jerrycan of water is supposed to cost Shs 50 but Ugandans in various areas are buying it at a minimum of Shs 200 while in others it goes for as much Shs 1000. Cheptoris says it is unfortunate Ugandans are paying more for the water yet the water agents are buying at just Shs 25 from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation. He adds that the study on whether or not to reduce the cost of water to industries as directed by the president is underway.