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One more suspected case of Ebola registered

One more suspected case of Ebola has been registered at Nyimbwa Health center IV in Luwero district. This now brings the total number of people admitted to 12 in twelve in the whole country. Five of these are at Bombo Hospital, six at Mulago Hospital and one at Nyimbwa health center. The Ministry of Health spokesperson Rukia Nakamatte says the number of those being monitored has now increased to 52 from 42 yesterday. Nakamatte has appealed to the public to remain vigilant and as efforts to contain the deadly disease continue.

Pneumonia appeal made

As the country joins the rest of the world to mark the world Pneumonia day, the ministry of health has been urged to step up efforts in the fight against the disease. According to the Uganda pediatric association, about 27,000 children die of pneumonia annually. A senior pediatrician at Mulago Referral Hospital Dr. Sabrina Kitaka says there is need for more sensitization about the disease especially in rural areas. Dr. Kitaka says the plans for vaccination against Pneumonia should be made a reality, ensuring that every new born baby is reached. Pneumonia, a severe inflammation of the lungs usually caused by a bacterial infection, is responsible for one in four child deaths every day. The disease kills approximately 1.8 million …

Conjoined twins have died

The conjoined twins who were admitted at Mulago hospital have died. The twins who were born at Buhinda Hospital in Fort portal district on 5th of October were admitted at Mulago Hospital last week. The twins, both boys are sons to Olivia Kaminde and Robert Kyaligonza. The twins had respiratory problems and had been admitted in the intensive care unit. Mulago hospital spokesman, Enock Kusaasira has confirmed the death of the twins. Examinations by the doctors indicated that they shared the heart and liver.

Conjoined twins fight for life

The new set of conjoined twins admitted at Mulago hospital is still fighting for their lives with respiratory problems. The twins who were born at Buhinda Hospital in Fortportal district on 5th of October were admitted at Mulago Hospital last week. The twins both boys are sons of Olivia Kaminde and Robert Kyaligonza. The doctors at Mulago hospital say the twins on admission had a lot of fever and respiratory problems. Dr. Jamil Mugalu a senior pediatrician at Mulago hospital says the babies are not in a good condition but everything possible is being done to save them. Dr. Mugalu notes that they have started conducting tests to establish the exact body organs the babies share. Speaking to KFM, the …

Maburg: 2 more deaths reported

Two more people suspected to have contracted the Marburg virus have died in Ibanda District. If confirmed, this will bring the total number of Marburg deaths to seven. Health experts there say the two had been admitted at Ibanda hospital after they presented with Marburg signs. The deceased whose identities have not yet been revealed include a 14 year old boy and a 68 year old woman. The Ministry of Health public relations officer Rukia Nakamatte says 3 new suspected cases of Marburg have been admitted at Kabale district. Nakamatte calls for calm as the ministry does every possible to contain the disease. She says they are still closely observing over 250 people who had direct contact with the people …