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Conjoined twins admitted at Mulago Hospital

A set of conjoined twins has been admitted at Mulago Hospital. The girls were born at Ngora Hospital in Soroti on 3rd May. According to the team of Doctors, the twins are conjoined at the abdomen. Unfortunately the mother of the twins did not make it through the caesarian birth. The kids that weigh 4.46Kgs are now taken care of by their father Mesial Okirol. Mulago spokesperson Enoch Kusaasira says the doctors are still examining the twins for a comprehensive report on which body parts are shared. Conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon that is estimated to range from 1 in 50,000 births to 1 in 200,000 births, with a somewhat higher incidence in Southwest Asia and Africa.  

Invest in us; health workers appeal

Government must invest in health workers for better service delivery. The call comes as Uganda prepares to join the rest of the world to mark the Nurses and midwives day that falls on the 12th of May. Secretary General Nurses and Midwives union, Topista Kabalisa says there is little to celebrate with the looming health crisis facing Uganda’s health work force and health system as a whole. The celebrations kicked off today with a cleanup exercise at Mulago hospital by Nurses and midwives. Uganda has a nurse:patient ratio of six per 100,000 against the World Health Organisation recommended ratio of 2.5 per 1,000.

Health Ministry to distribute mosquito nets

The fight against malaria is gaining momentum The Ministry of Health is set to give out over 21 million treated mosquito nets across the country. This comes as the country marks the world Mosquito net day on Friday this week. According to the Minister of State for Primary Health Care Sarah Opendi, the campaign will start in the districts of Soroti, Pader and others in the Eastern Region. Current statistics show that 312 people die of malaria every day in Uganda.  

Calm return to Mulago Hospital

Nurses on strike

Calm has been restored at Mulago hospital where nurses and midwives decided to lay down tools The nurses under training at the school of nursing stormed the hospital protesting the power shortage. The staff quarters have not had power for the last one year and efforts to have the matter addressed have fallen on deaf ears. The students chose to go back to work after the intervention of school administration. The acting principal, Rachel Nassongo promised that by Thursday, the problem will be solved. In Iganga, a strike by casual workers at Iganga hospital today enters day three with no positive response from management. The hospital administration has now resorted to using Bodaboda cyclists to clean the hospital.  

Nurses, midwives strike

Nurses and midwives at Mulago Hospital have laid down their tools. They are protesting against power cuts in their quarters. The nurses say that they have not had power for days and complaints raised have fallen on deaf ears. The nurses this morning stormed the hospital with placards carrying messages calling for an end to power cuts. The 2nd Office in Charge of the police post Mulago Hospital, Richard Okello says that some of the nurses have been arrested for turning violent. Details in our subsequent bulletins.