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MoH clarifies on media reports about stock out of Septrin in the country

By Benjamin Jumbe. Ministry of health has come out to clarify on the stock out of Septrin in the country. The media has been awash with various reports on the ‘Stock out of Septrin which is being used in treatment ofHIV. In a statement issued this afternoon, the Director Health services represented by Dr Charles Olaro said while appropriate funds were allocated for the procurement of HIV prevention and treatment commodities, Septrin inclusive, there were challenges with the lead time from manufacture to delivery which has resulted into the stock out. He gives assurance that by July 2018, the supply of Septrin will be fully restored and distributed to all health facilities affected by the shortages however advising HIV patients …

Poor transportation of animals undermines quality product

By Benjamin Jumbe. Poor transportation of animals undermines the quality of their products. This comes from the world animal Protection, a body that seeks to end suffering and cruelty meted on animals. The organization’s humane and sustainable agriculture campaigns manager for World Animal Protection, Africa office Dr Victor Yamo said it is disappointing to see animals bundled up on trucks and sometimes end up being injured He says this not only violates animal’s freedoms but also undermines the quality of their meat and other products due to release of chemicals to deal with the mental distress as he explains

LC5 VC blames teenage pregnancies on parents sharing bedrooms with their daughters

By Patrick Ebong. The LC5 vice chairman for Lira district has blamed the high number of teenage pregnancies on the practice of parents sharing bedrooms with their daughters. George Okello Ayo says some parents in Lango Sub-region who share single grass-thatched huts with their daughters engage in sexual activity when the children are still awake. Speaking at a meeting on Health System Advocacy Partnership organised by Global Forum for Development in Lira town, Okello said many times the men are drunk and are often oblivious to the fact that the children are awake.

USAID Commits $1 Million in Assistance for DR Congo Ebola Response Plan

By Shamim Nateebwa. The U.S. Agency for International Development has committed $1 million in Assistance for the Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola Response Plan In a statement, the agency says these funds, which reflect the U.S. Government’s initial financial response, will go to the World Health Organization in support of the joint Government of the DRC and WHO Strategic Response Plan, which will provide technical, operational, and personnel support in response to the Ebola outbreak. The Strategic Plan focuses on prevention, detection, treatment, and response in order to reduce cases and deaths, and prevent the spread of the disease within the DRC and to other countries. In addition, USAID is coordinating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, …

Man sent to Luzira for littering chewing gum

By Ruth Anderah. 32 year old man has been charged and remanded to Luzira prison for littering solid waste upon a public property. Emma Kafubi a resident of Ndejje in Wakiso district charged before City Hall Court grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna and denied the offence  that preferred against him by KCCA prosecution. KCCA prosecution states that on May 16th 2018 at Centenary Park in Kampala, Kafubi littered chewing gum papers on the public road which is a nuisance to the road users. He is sent on remand until May 31st when he will re-appear for the hearing to kick off.