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Govt to recruit 129, 000 accident emergence responders

By Derrick Wandera.     Government is in advanced stages of the process of recruiting and training nearly 130,000 accident emergence res-ponders at village level to help give first aid to causalities. The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health Dr Diana Atwine says the move is aimed at reducing the number of people who die due to lack of first aid and quick response from trained personnel after an accident. Atwine adds that that the respondents will be paid Shs 180,000 per month, money that will be incorporated into the national budget. The project is to be implemented in collaboration with the Korea Foundation for International Health after a UN report released last year indicated that over 300 people die …

Head of WHO calls for secure access to Ebola patients

Ebola screening

The Head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for free and secure access to the Ebola-affected people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is after seeing first-hand the complexities of the Ebola response in the conflict-affected region of North Kivu. According to the UN News Center, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus says all those participating in the response must be able to move freely and safely in conflict areas to do the work that is needed to bring the outbreak under control. He adds that the population must also have access to treatment centers that save lives and stop the spread of disease.” While this is the country’s 10th Ebola outbreak, it is the first time that the disease …

Mityana people taking dirty water – MP Zaake

By Ssebuliba Samuel. The Member of Parliament for Mityana municipality Francis Zaake Butebi has tasked ministry of water to investigate the quality of water being supplied by National water and sewage cooperation in this area. Speaking before the house yesterday, Zaake said that piped water in this area is smelling unusual and contains some particles that has worried citizens. He said that many people in this area are suffering with hygiene related diseases and thus government must intervene In response the state minister for water Sam Cheptoris said that as a ministry they are to going to investigate this issue and report back to parliament as early as possible.

Minister denies allegations of poisonous sugar

By Samuel Ssebuliba. Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde has dismissed allegations that sugar that was rejected in Kenya and Tanzania was brought to Uganda. This year Kenya banned sugar that was found to be containing mercury. Yesterday the Member of Parliament for Manjiya John Baptist Nambeshe tasked the minister to allay the fears of Ugandans on the media reports that this sugar was sneaked into Uganda. However minister Kyambadde said that all the sugar in question was destroyed from Kenya and Ugandans are safe.

Educationists oppose proposal to introduce condoms to sexually active students

By Ritah Kemigisa. Educationists have poked holes in the proposal by youth activists to have condoms introduced to students who are sexually active in secondary schools. Youth under the “Reach A hand Uganda” convened a meeting in Kampala a meeting where they endorsed the need to have condoms in schools to address reproductive health issues among adolescents. Now thesecretary of the Federation of Non-State Education Institutions Patrick Kaboyohas labelled the proposal as an act of madness. Kaboyo says more emphasis should be put on teaching the youth about the dangers of early exposure to sexual related activities. He meanwhile recommends the need to strictly stick to the country’s syllabus and appreciate the science subjects like Biology which introduce Young people …