Uganda to host first milk exhibition

By Ritah Kemigisa

Uganda is set to hold the first milk show aimed at engaging and promoting milk producing communities.

The show scheduled to take place on Friday, 22nd September at the National Museum has been organized with help from the Ethnographic Museum of Zurich in Switzerland and Igongo Cultural Centre.

The exhibition is running under the theme drink deeply.

Uganda, according to a study carried out by the Department of Dairy Technology, Ankara University 2015 is among the African countries with the highest milk production growth rate with a fast annual growth rate of 5.7%- higher than the growth rate of Africa as a whole estimated at 2.8% between the periods of 1996-2005.

Uganda’s Local, average consumption per person stands at about 52 litres annually, if compared to Kenya, which has a consumption rate of 120 litres.