Tullow Oil fights back

The legal battle between Tullow oil and Uganda revenue authority is not over.

A day after the tax appeals tribunal ordered the oil company to pay 407 million Dollars to the Authority, the former is appealing.

In a press statement, Tullow says the ruling from the tribunal is lengthy and deals with a number of different issues and will therefore require further legal evaluation.

Company executive director Aiden Harvey says that the tribunal erred in passing judgment and the company will use both local and international courts to appeal the ruling.

Harvey also says that they do dispute the assessment of URA insisting that they are liable to pay taxes worth 143million Dollars.

In its ruling, the Tribunal stated that the Energy Minister had no power to award an exemption to Tullow Oil when they sold part of their licenses to Total and CNOOC back in 2012 at 2.9billion Dollars.