MPs grill the Muhakanizi over misuse of funds

The Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi has today been put on the spot for alleged misuse of government funds.
The Public Accounts Committee accuses Muhakanizi of failure to account for over Shs 65 billion that was given to different ministries for service delivery.
Adjumani District Woman Member of Parliament Jessica Ababiku faulted Muhakanizi for dishing out more money to different ministries even after they had failed to account for previous allocations.
Muhakanizi admitted to flouting rules but said all the necessary steps were being taken to correct the anomaly.
However, the Committee Chairperson Alice Alaso faulted Muhakanizi for promoting fraud in government departments.
Earlier, the same committee summoned officials from the Bank of Uganda over a Shs 10billion debt that has been written off.
The committee has learnt that the money was given to an unknown individual.
Appearing before the committee to answer to queries raised in the auditor general’s report, the Accountant General; Lawrence Semakula told MPs that the debt was written off due to lack of documentary evidence.
The Committee chairperson Alice Alaso has now directed that officials from the central bank and the ministry of finance explain the whereabouts of the money.