Kenya blocks standard gauge railway probe

Efforts by a select committee instituted by Parliament to probe irregularities into the standard gauge railway project have hit a snag.
This is after Kenya government blocked the committee from conducting a fact finding survey in the country, in a bid to understand the workings of the standard gauge railway line.
Speaking to the media at Parliament today, the committee chairman, Kafeero Ssekitoleko says they had planned to visit Kenya, but have decided to instead travel to China to ascertain the authenticity of the China Harbour Engineering Corporation, as well as Ethiopia, which recently started using its railway system.
Kafeero says the committee wrote to the Kenya government three weeks ago but no response has been given.
Meanwhile the committee has met with the US Deputy Counselor on Economic and Political Affairs, Carla Benini regarding the investigations into the standard gauge railway.
The brief and closed meeting, which followed yesterday’s discussions with American lobbyist, Rosa Whitaker, is said to have been initiated by the US Mission officials in Uganda.
According to the committee chairperson, Kafeero Ssekitoleko, Benini says the US government is closely monitoring the proceedings of the committee to ensure that it is transparent.