Court wants Alcon Kenya scrapped off NSSF case

Workers' House
Workers’ House

Court has ordered that Alcon International Limited, a company incorporated in Kenya be struck off the proceedings in the case against NSSF over construction of Workers’ House.

The court decision followed an application through their lawyers of KAA in which Peter Kabatsi argued that KAA rightfully represented Alcon International Limited instead of M/s Tumusiime, Kabega and Company Advocates.

Kabatsi had argued that the reason NSSF won the appeal in the Supreme Court was because Alcon International (Uganda) was a wrong party.

However Justice David Wangutusi of the Commercial Division of the High Court held that Alcon International Limited incorporated in Uganda through their lawyers of M/s Tumusiime, Kabega and Company Advocates were rightly in court.

The proceedings arose from a contract between NSSF and Alcon International Limited that was signed in July 1994.

Records indicate that Alcon International Limited (Uganda) has since sued NSSF in the Commercial Court following a Supreme Court decision that remitted the case back to High Court.