Clean cooking energy promoters tipped on raising funds

By Benjamin Jumbe

Private players in the clean energy technology industry have been tipped on resource mobilization

Speaking to the National Executive Committee of Uganda National alliance on Clean Cooking (UNACC), financial consultant Davidson Madira said organisations need to widen their scope and not only focus on support from outside.

He suggests coming up with income generating activities as an organization as one of the ways to raise funds as they search for funds from else where.

“Its very very import for an organisation like UNACC to have income generating activities, for instance they can organise events like trainings for which people pay or establish their own unique centers of producing products from which they earn so that they avoid100% dependence on grants”, Mr. Madira told KFM.

He also emphasized the need of good governance and transparency if the organization is to be sustained.

UNACC is an umbrella alliance and an implementation partner for stakeholders in the effort to address the speedy adoption of clean cooking solutions.