Chinese Firm Implicated In UNRA Scam

Officials of a Chinese Road Construction firm have been pinned for deviating from the original design for Hoima Fortportal road to what suited its interests.
Appearing before the UNRA commission of inquiry, the country director of China Chongqing International Corporation Wanga Yibo was tasked to explain their decision that caused the road failure before the end of its defect liability period.
This is after the commission learnt that the road which was meant to last for 15 years had already developed cracks within just 12 months.
However Wang denied the allegations that they constructed a substandard road, instead shifting the blame to the consultant and the heavy traffic on the road.
Wang was however left speechless after the commission’s deputy lead counsel Marry Kamuli Kuteesa showed him pictures showing that instead of ripping up the old road, the company just added marram to the old, hence leading to its failure.

Story By Dianah Wanyana