$400m needed to stabilize electricity supply in Uganda

The Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) is seeking 400 million dollars to stabilize power supply in Uganda.

The increased power instability and blowing of power stations have been blamed on failure by Umeme to off set the available power.

According to the UEDCL, the power network is loaded beyond capacity, making it difficult for the available power stations to handle the capacity.

While appearing before parliamentary committee on commissions on statutory authorities and state enterprises, the director in charge of finance Paul Mesigwa said that to stabilize Uganda power network extra funding is needed.

He explained that for effectiveness, over 400 million dollars is needed, 59 million for installation of high voltage power lines and 314 million dollars for low voltage lines.

Currently Uganda’s power network is operating at 40% leaving the 60% unutilized at the various power centers.