2015/2016 BUDGET ALLOCATIONS: 16 trillion for recurrent expenditure

Samuel Ssebuliba and Judith Atim

The government has appropriated Shs.16 trillion out of the Shs.23.9- trillion resource envelop for recurrent and development expenditure.

According to Amos Lugoolobi the deputy chairman of the Budget committee, out of the remaining 7.9 trillion has been allocated by parliament for statutory expenditure.

He says under the new Appropriation Bill 2015, the budget has been partitioned in two phases; statutory expenditure which includes funding for statutory bodies as well as recurrent and development expenditure that will cover upcoming projects.

According to the Appropriation Bill 2015, Out of the over 16 trillion, more than 106 billion will be allocated to the Office of the President while over 236 billion is to be allocated to State House.

The ministry of Public Service will get over 18.1 billion while the Foreign Affairs ministry will get slightly over 25.5 billion.

Other departments include Justice and Constitutional Affairs which is to get 22.8 billion, Finance, Planning and Economic Development will receive 115.6 billion shillings, Internal Affairs 10.9 billion, Ministry of Agriculture 37.6 billion.

Ministry of Education has been appropriated 139 billion, ministry of Lands 16.2 billion, Ministry of Health 56.4 billion, trade 10.9 billion.

The Ministry of works and transport will get 38.9 billion, East Africa Community Affairs Headquarters will receive 23.9 billion, and Makerere University will get 203.5 billion.

The Uganda Revenue Authority will be appropriated 191.2 billion; 424.18 billion will be appropriated to police administration services, while the Prisons Department will get 126 billion.

Meanwhile, funds for development expenditure have been allocated as follows 701.3 billion for the Ministry of Defence, 460.98 billion for Finance.

The ministry of works and transport will get 886.8 billion for Development expenditure, ministry of energy and Mineral Development will be appropriated 2.757 trillion, water and environment 434 billion, Uganda National Roads Authority 1.775 trillion.