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A new law banning the sale of food stuff to neighboring Kenya is in the offing.

According to Minister of State for Trade, Industry and Co-operatives Micheal Werikhe, the new proposed policy aims at addressing a number of challenges that include shortage of food, lack of good market in the country as well as poor prices offered by Kenyan traders. He said Ugandans are selling maize, millet, sorghum and other food crops to Kenya every season without restriction. Speaking at the End of Project Workshop of District Commercial Services Support Project [DICOSS] in Mbale, Mr Werikhe attributed the escalating hunger and poverty in the country to peoples’ attitudes to sell food to Kenya at cheap price. The minister said although Uganda is a food basket in the East African Region, the country still experiences hunger every …

Poor transportation of livestock affects quality of final product

Meat producers in Uganda have decried the poor transportation of livestock that affects the quality of the final product. Early this year, the president commissioned an 11 billion dollar meat factory along Hoima Road managed by Egypt -Uganda food Security Company with capacity to slaughter 500 cows on daily basis. Hisham Ghaffar the company’s marketing manager tells KFM that meat from poorly transported animal does not qualify to be sold on international markets. He explains that such stressed animals produce low quality meat that cannot be exported. He is now calling on government to regulate transportation of livestock to be slaughtered and also improve the road network to ensure smooth movement of these animals.

Management of Kawempe and Kiruddu to be returned to KCCA next year

The management of Mulago  National Referral hospital occupying the health facilities of Kampala capital city Authority is to return back the facilities to the authority in July next year after the completion of the hospital. According to the Executive Director Dr Baterana Byarugaba the management of Kawempe and Kiruddu hospitals is currently under the management of Mulago that included paying health workers, equipment, water and Electricity bills among others. He however notes that when they leave this place in July 2017 after completion of Mulago, they will go back and KCCA will take over completely everything including all patients, human resource among others. He however noted that at their departure, all equipment that belongs to Mulago will be taken back. …

Woman gives birth to grandson for her daughter

A woman has given birth to her own grandchild by having a surrogate baby for her daughter. Julie Bradford, 45, had baby Jack for daughter Jessica Jenkins whose cancer treatment left her infertile. Jessica, 21, from Rhymney, had her eggs frozen at Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales before her treatment for cervical cancer began three years ago. She said Jack, who was born last Friday weighing 6lb 10oz, was “perfect in every way”. “My mam is the most brave and amazing woman in the world. I love her so much for giving me my son,” Jessica said. “From a young age I longed to become a mother and our dream has come true.” STORY BY BBC NEWS

A law on Acid use needed

Acid survivors have revived the call for parliament to pass a law that regulates use of Acid and other dangerous substances in Uganda. Speaking to media today, Pastor Umar Mulinde of Gospel Life Church International-Namasuba who survived acid attack said that many ruthless people are misusing acid to terrorize people exploiting the current weak regal regime Umar Mulinde demands government through parliament to pass the law regulating Acid use to reduce on the number of acid attacks on innocent people. He explained that the current Toxic chemical prohibition and control Act 2015 must be reviewed because it’s inadequate to deal with Acid violence.